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Friday, 7 June 2013

Fancy Fish Friday

My sweetest house guest did not land empty handed. In her hand was the most beautiful sushi set.

And it was put to use very quickly. somerville kitchen can and has in the past cooked all sorts of cuisines. But, despite taking a class in sushi making, the whole process of finding the right ingredients and fresh fish is beyond the kitchen's patience.

Ogenki Sushi came to the rescue with home delivery of fresh sushi, and lots of it.

And with such a beautiful sushi set to eat off, there was no way the sushi was going to be served out of the styrofoam containers.

It was a somerville kitchen made all you can eat sushi feast.

Tuna and salmon sushi, three of the most creative rolls (fish, tempura, mango, spicy tuna and more), chicken teriyaki on rice and agedashi tofu.

My sweetest house guest gasped at the amount of food, but was assured "all will be eaten".

And it was, and it was good, and it was even better served on those beautiful hand made colourful sushi platter with hand made chop sticks and wooden chop sticks holders.

Thank you sweetest house guest.

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