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Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Cosy Brunch @ Trafalgar

This is not the first time I brunch at Trafalgar Bistro (Read 15 Years of Trafalgar).

Arriving there before the 10 am opening on this sunny day meant a choice of tables. And what is cozier than hiding in this heavenly corner surrounded by a wild grape tree.

While I love their poached eggs over potato latke, I was convinced by our charming server to go for the special - an omelette with fennel root and back bacon.

Even with egg whites, this was a delicious meal and a perfectly made omelette.

A pleasant lounging non-rushed brunch. The company exceptional. The service great and best is sitting hiding from the sun, people and the world under the grape vine.

Trafalgars Bistro
2603 West 16th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Trafalgars Bistro on Urbanspoon 

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