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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Back to River District Market

I cannot seem to be able to resist the River District Framers Market (Read The New Farmers Market on The Block).

It is so friendly, easy to roam, easy to get to and park and cheaper produce than many of the other more popular markets.

Today, they were giving the most beautiful recyclable bags to the first 100 visitors - too bad I missed out on those (and I was there by 10:15).

But I cheered up very quickly over a freshly made strawberry shortbread plate as a fundraiser for some kids' sports team (and the kids picked up the strawberries).

I then sampled those Paté Pastiche 

Not bad at all. They look like paté, have similar texture, but they are meatless and much tastier.

I skipped for today, but the one I can never skip is my favourite bakeress at this market. She wakes up early and bakes everything fresh for the market; always with new goodies to discover (I bought one of those bags and yummy blueberry cinnamon buns too).

The mini greens caught my eye, but I was quickly distracted by those beautiful bouquets of greens and edible flowers so beautifully presented that I just could not resist buying (along with nice fresh farm eggs).

The produce was excellent as usual and glad to have caught cherries before the end of the season.

Then there were those colourful chocolate cups. Don't ask me to elaborate, the line-up for them was way too long to try.

River District Farmers Market
8683 Kerr Street
Vancouver, BC
Every Saturday until October 26 - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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