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Saturday, 27 July 2013

It's All About The Catses

What did catses do on Saturday?

They lounged outside enjoying the nice weather.

What did I do on Saturday?

I tried to compete with my vet by training to be one.

It was the vet's idea after all as part of the fun open house day event at Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital.

There were scavenger hunt, BBQs, shows by suppliers, face decorations, hospital tours and lots of fun.

Right, this is a food blog (but it is all about the catses...).

Well Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital has a great variety of foods, including those natural dehydrated foods from The Honest Kitchen.

But instead, I was eying those banana looking catnip toys (well, they are almost food given the shape).

Catses love those and I probably need to bring a new one home every month.

I ended up buying a bottle of vitamin pills, talked to the three amazing vets and enjoyed this staff designed fun event.

Thank you VAWH for all you do for catses.

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