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Sunday, 28 July 2013

somerville kitchen Cookbook Club Going Strong

somerville kitchen cookbook club first summer meeting was hosted by my dear lovely neighbour.

In the spirit of summer, a savoury freshly made lassi was waiting for us as our lovely hostess featured a series of cookbooks put out by Gulf News few decades ago as a promotional material to engage the multinational expats community in Dubai.

The dish featured from the books was an amazing spinach and crushed peanuts pakoras.

Those were exceptionally tasty, freshly fried and dangerously addictive.

somerville kitchen featured a fun summer book called A Feast of Weeds by Luici Ballerini with recipes made out of all sorts of weeds including daisies and sow thistle (which was conveniently available for real life demonstration in my dear lovely neighbour's jardin).

Other books featured were books on canning and on Asian foods.

A spreadsheet with all the cookbooks discussed in our club is available for those who nicely ask.


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