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Monday, 1 July 2013

Joy of Feeding 2013 - Part 1 of 3

At last, after months of organization and a weekend of preparation and cooking, the Joy of Feeding 2013 was upon us on the hottest day of the year at the beautiful UBC Farm

Over three days, those readers who joined us can relive the tastes and the fun before trying the recipes from the recipe book we all got. Those who did not attend can see what they missed out on (and book their tickets for next year).

Tortilla de Patatas from the Basque Country were made better than any I tasted while touring that beautiful region.

They were going fast that taking a shot of a full platter was a real challenge.

All the joyfulness of the Caribbean were reflected in the beautiful display.

A perfect Jerk Chicken recipe that can be either grilled or cooked in the oven. It marinates overnight in a mixture of 16 ingredients including Caribbean dark rum, molasses and orange juice.

The Ajiaco from Columbia is a simple, yet complexly flavoured Chicken and Potato soup.

It is flavoured with onion, cilantro, bay leaves and includes two types of potatoes.  Add a piece of corn, capers, avocado and cream and you have increased complexity of the flavouring and the look of the soup.

But the best discovered ingredient is Guasca (the dried green pieces you see floating in the soup in the picture). Guasca is a plant of the daisy family. According to the cook, it is the gallant soldier which gives the Ajiaco its distinct taste.

A young cook from Fiji made us her favourite vegetarian recipe from her childhood - Aloo-Beans (Potatoes and Green Beans).

An excellent recipe from the cook's dad (who joined us at the event) that warms both the stomach and the soul. 

Regular readers are by now bored hearing about Meghli, but it was part of the event and have to present it within the review.

Meghli is a spice pudding from Lebanon. Completely vegan which made it a hit with attendees with any gluten or dairy allergies.

Unfortunately, those with nuts allergies would have had to stay away given the pudding is covered with coconut and four types of nuts (pistachio, pine nuts, walnuts and almonds).

Tune back tomorrow for part 2 of 3 and more salivating pictures...

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