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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Joy of Feeding 2013 - Part 2 of 3

The feeding adventure continues to Malaysia with a Prawn and Squid Sambal brought to us by a cook who grew up in a small mining town in tropical Malaysia - truly an authentic dish.

Crossing the Pacific Ocean to land in Mexico with Cochinita Pibil.

The dish couldn't have been more Mexican - tortillas filled with a pork mixture and topped with salsa and onions.

From Azerbaijan, Meat Dolma - the spiciest most unique stuffed grape leaves I have tasted.

Amongst all those exotic dishes, our own Vancouver stood out as very unique with this home made pizza oven.

And the pizza itself was even wackier (in a very good way) covered with smooth nut butter (any flavour), jelly (plum or your favourite) and buffalo mozzarella cheese. This is one pizza not to be missed.

Continuing with the local theme, a charming French Canadian brother and sister duo worked hard in the heat to bake us tarte de sucre.

Those sugar pies were served in individualized pie crusts. 

The best way to enjoy them is to not look at the recipe and start counting calories. Yes, it is made with real brown sugar, 35% heavy cream and lots of eggs. 

If this is going to kill you, it is worth dying for.

From Russia we had the pleasure of tasting the cook's mother's version of Olivier Salad, a classic Russian dish.

It's a potato salad like you never tasted before - boiled potatoes and eggs, apples and sweet peas, pickles, mayonnaise, pickle juice and lots of chopped chicken.

A very refreshing addition to the feeding mix.

Yes, there is more... Tune back tomorrow for part 3 of The Joy of Feeding 2013.

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