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Saturday, 13 July 2013

More Goodies from Abroad

My regular readers would have seen enough Goodies from Abroad articles (Read Goodies from Abroad, Unpacking Yellers), but this time the goodies travelled 11925 KM all the way from the exotic Sultanate of Oman.

From least to most exotic (so you read the full article), we start with 24 packs of Omani style pita bread - much smaller than the ones we know, thin and have the two layers almost stuck together (they were put to the test immediately and were somerville kitchen approved).

Then there were those to die for dates directly from their desert source.

And packs of dates and pistachio stuffed cookies made fresh 24 hours ago.

But the real exotic stuff started to appear in the form of a box of 80 Tick Tock Rooibos tea bags from "the founders of rooibos". I made a glass on the spot and it does taste the closest to what I imagine the rooibos Mma Ramotswe drinks.

Then those showed up - they are date syrups. One from Saudi Arabia and one from Oman. I have no idea what to do with them, but the taste inspires me to drizzle them over something white and creamy; stay tuned.

Finally, mined from the land where they came from, the largest pieces of incense I have ever seen in my life. Supposedly, if you melt one of them in water and drink it, good things will happen to your stomach.

Thank you Oman

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