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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Wow Ethiopian

When deciding to throw a birthday party for a fabulous lady, I thought I will go all out and reach out to my favourite restaurant owner, the one called Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant, to put together an Ethiopian feast.

And Abyssinia delivered on its promise of freshness and fabulous food (all was cooked fresh less than 2 hours prior to the party). 

There was lamb (Abyssinia Yebeg Tibis), there was chicken (Doro Tibis and Doro Wot), there was beef (Yebere Tibis) and there were lots of vegetables; and of course endless supply of the freshly made-from-Teff Ethiopian bread.

Dinner was served the way you'd have it at the Abyssinia, all nicely spread on bread.

No cutlery were to be seen as hungry guests dug into the platters and could not stop raving about this delicious meal.

Just when no more food in site (and no more space instomachs), a fabulous Sweet Obsession Lemon Dacquoise cake showed up.

Surprise, it turned out to be the fabulous birthday girl's favourite.

Delicious layers of lemon butter cream and hazelnut meringue made guests go for large pieces and come back for thinner seconds.

A fabulous evening indeed.

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant
7546 Edmonds Street
Burnaby, BC
Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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