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Thursday, 4 July 2013

My Wackiest Jardin Plants

For Wacky Thursday, I toured the jardin looking for wacky plants.

No idea what this is. It started as a prickly looking weed, it expanded and then started flowering.

Other than claiming it a Martian species, it does remind me of a wild plant in Lebanon where we used to peel the skin off the stem and eat it. Dare I try?

Not necessarily weird, but definitely wacky is how lettuce is spurting out in pots everywhere compost soil was used.

One cutting of lovage is now a lovage forset.

Those are the flowering ones to the right of the picture. They are already 2 meters high. Guess the seeds will produce an even bigger lovage forest next year.

On the left hand side you see what was allowed of the Jerusalem Artichoke forest to come up. Those are going to be taller than the lovage plants very soon with a bounty of edible roots underneath.

Then there are my favourite 'spreadies'. I just love how you plant one inch of it and it spreads everywhere. Adorable.

Nothing wacky about an astilbe in le jardin except the size of this one.

The flower cluster is over 2 feet high, which is the highest those flowers are supposed to get. More interestingly that its sisters growing in the moister shadier areas (where they are supposed to grow) are nowhere near as healthy as those growing in the drier sunny side.

The confederate (or star) jasmine's wackiness is its size. Standing underneath this cluster of perfumed flowers can reduce your stress more than yoga, exercise, bath and anxiety medications combined.

But my favourite is the wonderful mini red rose plant that came in a 3 inch pot and in one year turned into a lovely bush that keeps on giving its beauty and love.

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