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Friday, 5 July 2013

Slacking Off Picnic

On a beautiful summer workday, three hardworking types decided to slack off together.

Spontaneous picnic was set up in le jardin and the fun begun.

Meat skewers hit the grill. Humus, baba ghanouj and broad beans joined the meat and the picnic is on.

And it was a perfect occasion to try this Ancient Pita.

It is something I have not tried before and my understanding is that it is traditional Armenian bread.

It is somewhere between phyllo, croissant and rotti. Worth trying, but it is sure not pita bread.

In the spirit of a picnic, dessert was packaged cookies.

But those are not any cookies - they are Iranian Chocolate cookies. No saffron is added (that would have been good actually) and taste like brownies. But good brownies.

I should make slacking off a habit.


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