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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Rick's Rub Meets River District


My name is Rick's Rub. I work at Rick's Real Foods

I come in all sorts of flavours. But tonight, I am going to show you my exotic Moroccan side.

I think we will click well.


I'm River District Farmers Market

I am allowed out every Saturday and come in different colours. 

I too think I will click with your Moroccan side.

Rick's Rub rubbed itself with olive oil and sizzled.

The colours of River District just could not bare it any more. So they ripped off and jumped on top of the sizzling rub.

They cuddled, covered well, on top of a heated pad all afternoon.

They clicked very well that neighbours started throwing them with chick peas. They left as one delicious Moroccan stew.

Thank you for the fun Rick's Rub, says River District Farmers Market, as Rick's Rub is handed a beautiful salad bouquet.

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