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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Wacky Wow Ukrainian

As if my guest 'baba' did not work hard on the holubsti meal (read Wow Ukrainian), he continued on to make home made пиріжки.

The dough made with sour cream, with endless rolling afternoons.

So what is wacky about home made пиріжки you ask?

When the cheese and potato stuffing was consumed, the remainder dough was filled with blueberries and jardin raspberries.

The result was two platters to choose from (thank you 'baba' for not mixing them all and left it to our luck).

All were fried after boiling. Savoury or sweet, all were beyond authentically tasting (and delicious too).

Thank you again 'baba' for the meal and all the frozen left overs - anyone wants to seduce a Ukrainian dinner out of me? Make a barter product or service offer...

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