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Friday, 19 July 2013

Wow Wow Wow Basque Tortillas

A Basque country style tortillas in all the colours of the rainbow were the central theme of this somerville kitchen happy party.

The temperature of the party went up few degrees with the accompanying Basque style Sangria (with not only wine but gin and cointreau - very tipsying).

Happy guests brought over more food to match the theme, so there was more than any stomach could handle. And all home made and exceptionally good.

So all clicked their glasses, their feet and had a jolly time.

Back to those Basque Country tortillas. There was the plain one of course (potatoes, onions and eggs).

But also the fancy ones with a vegetarian version with red and green peppers.

And the non-vegetarian star tortilla with ham, tuna, cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers - all beautifully stacked in between the tortilla's layers.

And if you thought this was not enough, the home made gazpacho made a very elegant appearance.

Happy, relaxed, having fun, the Basque Country party spirit was beautifully transported to somerville kitchen.

Thank you CP and all the contributing chefs for making this such a beautiful evening.


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