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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Kelowna Dining Adventure - Breakfast

I had the pleasure of discovering Ogopogo Bed & Breakfast right within walking distance of downtown Kelowna.

I can see how this small place won the Trip Advisory 2013 Certificate of Excellence - it is the owner's love of what she does that shows in all parts of this simple abode.

The exceptionally comfortable bed just meant I had a great sleep and now ready for my surprise breakfast.

Fresh fruit bowl with delicious vanilla yogurt and cereal were waiting my arrival.

This was followed by freshly made eggs benedict (with smoked and ham).

It was difficult messing up this elegant platter, but I could not resist; specially when I heard that the tomatoes were from the garden.

Looking forward to the next trip!

Ogopogo Bed & Breakfast
845 Manhattan Drive
Kelowna, BC


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