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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Wacky Pizza Competition

Six months ago we had a Wacky Pizza Pageant. Tonight, the same rules, some of the same and some new contestants; with Domino Pizza's Barry completing the quality control (who did the quality check on our previous pageant - is he for real?).

Contestant JK presented the same Pizza of six months ago, but the name changed from Hawaiian Garden Party Pizza to Rainbow Party Pizza.

Contestant MK The Woman went all out with a Croque Trudeau Pizza.

Contestant MK The Man, after dealing with lawyers over chicken being against the law in the last pageant, decided to go vegetarian this time with the Phoenician Delight Pizza.

Tasting begun. Then invasion of the pizzas drove results.

And the tally spoke for itself - our stomachs clearly voted for a winner - the Croque Trudeau.

Who came second started a whole dispute that, in some countries, would have lead to a civil war. Here, we decided to just stick with a civil court.

I wonder if Justin Trudeau will be serving this pizza on his campaign tour...


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