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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

More Stories of A Grape Vine

You already read The Story of a Grape Vine Part A & Part B (if not, click and read).

Today, and one night before the racoons invaded the grape vine, all the almost fully ripe grapes were harvested.

They are seedless and sour sweet.

But the skin is a bit on the thick side, not to mention the volume of grapes harvested. What to do with all those grapes?

Hmmm, freshly squeezed Grape Juice!

The most efficient way to do it was the old-fashioned way.

Grapes on the stems went into a colander; grapes got squeezed by hand; squeezed grapes produced a big mess.

But squeezed grapes produced an abundance of beautifully coloured, fresh grape juice.

Now prior to filling up jugs, a taste test was in order.

The average score was, well average, even though it was a very fresh and not-tasted before experience.

And the next day there was the never previously seen grape juice separation.

The juice left in the fridge separated into different colours and textures. I wonder if this is the way grape juice should be made and only the clear part is drunk.

But who cares, I just shook the jar, mixed it all together and continued my indulgence in jardin fresh grape juice.

1 comment:

~T.E.~ said...

you should have cooked them all down without the stems to get HOOCH! That's what my momma used to do!