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Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Rose Like No Other Rose

What is this drink you ask?

Is it a milk shake? A smoothie? Almond Milk? 

Guess again, it is way wackier than that (it is a Wacky Thursday article afterall).

So what can I tell you about this drink.

It has milk. It is a production of My Dear Lovely Neighbour. And if you read the title of the article you'd guess it has something to do with roses.

But it is way more than this. It is Roohafza.

An Indian style rose syrup to keep you calm in the heat of the summer. It is soothing, cooling and satisfying.

Unlike the Lebanese style rose syrup that is made of roses only, the Indian one is much more sophisticated.

It is made of, in addition to roses: pineapples, coriander, carrots, spinach, mint, saddle wood, orange and all sorts of other wild flowers.

And yes, it is mixed with milk and it is exceptional.

Of course my dear lovely neighbour will not have me over for a drink only.

There were pakoras, chicken liver curry, dahl and tarot roots meal. All served with home made red rice idly.

Thank you my dear lovely neighbour for introducing me to the rose like no other rose.

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