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Friday, 23 August 2013

Reporting From My Dear Lovely Neighbour

The investigation followed a sound of crunching tapioca papadum that lead to the talk of the street food discovery.

The bitter melon was easily identifiable, but the sauce needed to be sent to the lab to check for tamarind presence.

The white stuff stumped me. There is yogurt but what are the thick pieces underneath (they are green, have little seeds, a bit slimy and delicious - any guesses?)

Digging further, I identified eggplants smuggled from the south; completely camouflaged with vegetables and hot spices.

But the talk of the street must have been driven by the aroma of the deliciously simple potatoes and chickpeas.

I need to have you under arrest my dear lovely neighbour; so unfortunately you cannot leave the street until further notice.

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