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Friday, 30 August 2013

Secret Spot

I was invited to meet a dear friend for breakfast at a secret location. "Just meet me at 4663 Byrne Road and don't look up the place until you arrive there". This is where I landed.

With opening hours at 6 am and hidden in a growing industrial park area, Fraser Park Restaurant (it is more like a diner) caters to hungry hard working construction guys.

Not surprising this place is packed; a $9 breakfast here is a meal to last you till the next morning.

Of course, a German Breakfast would have been my choice.

Three eggs scrambled served with half a plate of meat - cured ham, bacon and home made sausage; all piled up on both hash browns and fried potatoes.

An amazing eating experience. They are open for lunch and many days I find myself working in that neighbourhood. That is when I am trying the Schnitzel sandwich!

Fraser Park Restaurant
4663 Byrne Road
Burnaby, BC

Fraser Park Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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