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Sunday, 25 August 2013

somerville kitchen Cookbook Club Very Tasty This Month

A great book, Asian Dumplings by Andrea Nguyen, was featured by our somerville kitchen cookbook club hostess for our monthly meeting.

The book, written by a cooking teacher, includes beautiful pictures, intriguing recipes that are very much detailed and extremely exact. 

From the book, our hostess served us perfectly made and delicious pork-cabbage dumplings with a rice, soy, chilies and ginger sauce (from the book).

The dumplings were made with two types of wrappers - home made and commercial. All voted for the home made as the best.

somerville kitchen featured mother's recipes, hand written on an old agenda (mainly in Arabic though).

Mexico The Beautiful Cookbook was a pleasure to the eye and The Best of Clay Pot Cooking by Dana Jacobi generated a wonderful discussion about the history of clay.

A beautiful spread, a delicious snack and a fascinating meeting marked our fifth somerville kitchen cookbook club.

But as the only guy in the club, I am lobbying for new guy members to join. Any guy out there loves his cookbooks?


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