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Monday, 19 August 2013

The Plate Exchange Is Back

Like clockwork, every 8 months I have enough material to report on the plate exchange with my so nice north neighbours (read the latest at And More Plate Exchange).

Coming south...

some chocolaty, gooey, and creamy both in white and black

extremely enjoyable.

Plate returning north...

Nothing but the famous somerville kitchen Meghli made more famous by this year's appearance at the Joy of Feeding

Coming South...

Freshly made, in individual pieces, strawberry short cake

Not sure what is more perfect, the taste or the presentation.

Plate returning north...

No way I could have competed with the home made productions coming south

So a market bought pecan pie it is.

Coming south...

Once again, home made baking at its best

Those chocolate brownies could make someone very rich.

Platter going back north...

Again, nothing home made

But goodies from abroad are not a bad option.

Coming south...

A savoury treat this time

Beautifully coloured, uniquely tasting home made carrot dressing (how inventive).

Platters going north...

At last home made stuff going north

Chocolate chip cookies and the new somerville kitchen invention - sour grapes pickles.

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