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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A Peaceful Day

A stroll with a beautiful helweh around the new Vancouver Conference centre and you stumble across this in-your-face public art piece.

Turn left and continue walking and walking until you see a small sign for Anatolia Express Restaurant and you have arrived at a sweet peaceful place to hang out, enjoy freshly made Turkish food and savour the beautiful views of our city.

Family ran with a lovely husband and wife couple indulging us in the friendly mediterranean hospitality.
The Vegetarian Iskender is a simply made vegetarian stew served over a piece of Turkish bread covered with yogurt.

Served with rice and  three different Turkish style salads adding distinctive colours and flavour.

With the kind of view, the company of a helweh, and the momentary peace of mind, why would anyone leave.

This made us easily fall for the temptation of an offer of freshly made knefeh.

And why not Turkish coffee. After all we are at a Turkish restaurant.

The coffee was also freshly made and presented in the most elegant Turkish way.

Anatolia - a place to remember.

Anatolia Express Restaurant
Unit 40, 1055 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC

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