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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Wacky Catsess Reporting

I am catsess (princess in mew language).

I kicked away human highness and took over blogging.

As catsess, I order thou to watch me in action then read my first blog article.


Yes, I spent centuries crunching my box with intricate designs to give me the throne to lounge in and spend more centuries napping in the sun.

But humans are a bored species and they need entertainment. Rather than read some Shakespeare, they entertain themselves with catsess.

Catsess dignity will not allow catsses to be upset. Let them pile those toys, I am going back to my nap.

And no matter how much they pile, I put on my crown on and continue with my nap on my own tooth-made cardboard head rest.

Once humans sleep, I regain full control of my tidy crunched-by-catsess throne.


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