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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Rain Barrels Growing at The World In A Garden

Look at those beautiful rain barrels - two of half a dozen designs available to your jardins from The World in A Garden

A joint project between The World in A Garden (brains behind the concept), Lush (providers of the barrels) and Emily Carr students (designers).

Those barrels, made of non-toxic material, can hold up to 54 gallons of water and save 200 gallons of water a season.

Just position them on a high surface and let our rainy weather do the rest. Then hook up a hose to it and water your jardin from fresh sky water - what more can one ask for.

And if you are keen on speeding up your water harvesting project, check out this Emily Carr's industrial design graduate's project.

Those 'wings' speed up the collection of water. They are connected to a hand made pump within the barrel, closing the 'wings' as the barrel fills up. Ingenious, I thought, after attending a demonstration.

And if you don't have a jardin, check out the patio size barrel. The idea is any water we save is a contribution to a better world we live in and this will most likely water your patio plants all season.

The best thing I heard at the rain barrels' launch event at The World in A Garden is how can you call your garden organic when you are not using natural water? Well, here's your chance to make a jardin 100% organic.

For more information on those beautiful rain barrels and how well they'd fit in your garden, contact:

Tricia Sedgwich, RHN, Founder of The World In A Garden at

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