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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sweet Cookbook Book Club Meeting

Half a year already and the somerville kitchen cookbook club meetings are becoming more fun, more educational and, as if in celebration of half a year, this meeting was heavy on the sweets.

somerville kitchen was the host this month and it featured my newest cookbook - Saskatchewan Homemakers' Kitchens purchased on my last trip to Rumour Handcraft store at Regina Airport (Read My Favourite Shopping).

It is a new print off the original hand written recipes with 300 pages of recipes that are authentic, simple and will most likely turn out delicious.

And I thoroughly enjoyed making a Devil's Cake with chocolate squares melted in hot water and baking soda in butter milk. Very exciting baking experience.

All the other cookbooks featured this time had similar personal connections and simplicity of recipes written by local cooks.

We are looking forward to at least two meetings before the end of the year. 

As Christmas approaches, we now have an extensive database of the cookbooks featured. If you are looking for ideas or recommendations on cookbooks, happy to forward the list. 

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~T.E.~ said...

hey M, I think my back is well enough to come to a cookbook club event the next time...but ONLY if you'll HAVE ME!!! LOL