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Friday, 27 September 2013

Vancouver Welcomes Beirut

A young energetic Lebanese entrepreneur brought Vancouver, at last, a most authentic Beirut Experience.

Beirut Bistro is all about authenticity, freshness and hospitality.

Focusing on small menu and mainly baked goodies, savoury and sweet, Beirut Bistro makes everything, including pita bread, on site.

Using only fresh lemon juice and Lebanese olive oil, I cannot wait to taste their Tabouleh.

But I was distracted by those most authentic Lebanese sweets.

 Maamoul, Namoura and Knefeh - never found in Vancouver prior to Beirut Bistro.

And the real surprise is, at last, someone bringing Manakeesh to Vancouver.

I cannot wait for my next morning business meeting in downtown Vancouver to drop by Beirut Bistro and try their Manakeesh 

If you are looking for a recommendation, I say go for the Za'atar and Akawi cheese. It will be a taste experience you will never forget.

And let's not forget Fatayer.

The selection is exhaustive - labneh, meat, spinach and cheese.

I tried one of each and I'll be back for a dozen each next time (yes, Beirut Bistro does catering).
If you are into good authentic Lebanese food or simply a coffee break during the day, don't look any further, Beirut Bistro is the place to go.

Beirut Bistro
812 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC

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