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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Food Cart Fest

Where was I all summer my readers should ask?

It took me a full summer to become aware of the Food Cart Fest where different street food carts hang out together under the Cambie bridge (entrance from the Olympic Village Seawall) and sell their foods with music, artifact tents and all sorts of surprises.

At least I am happy to say that I was at the Food Cart Fest within 24 hours of hearing about it, and with only one Sunday to go before the season's run ends.

Obviously I wanted to make the best of the trip. Here's what I tried.

Guanaco Salvadoran Cuisine was on top of the list. Friendly crowd running it, great prices and great food.

I discovered Pupusas and the drink Horchata - both I can get addicted to.

Guanaco Truck on Urbanspoon

One cannot escape Vij's Railway Express with its free delicious cold Chai (the combination of Chai and Horchata will keep me up for days).

A tasty fish curry was on the trial list. It was thoroughly enjoyed to Indian pop music DJeyed by no one other than Vij himself.

Vij's Railway Express on Urbanspoon

The Mangal Kiss managed to bring peace to the middle east by serving kebab on "Lebanese" pita, a salad with "Turkish" fig vinaigrette, "Moroccan" beef balls with "Isreali" salad.

Not my favourite discovery though.

Mangal Kiss Mid East BBQ on Urbanspoon

For something sweet, with difficulty I restrained from the Almost Chocolate from the Juice Truck drink and went for the crepes of Chou Chou Crepes made on site by Chou Chou?? They were good and packed with alcohol.

Chou Chou Crepes on Urbanspoon 

A pleasant tour indeed, too bad I discovered this so late in the season. Come back next year Food Cart Fest.

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