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Monday, 28 October 2013


Nestled on a beautiful hill in the Batroun area of Lebanon, in a 400 years old house, is the most charming winery - IXSIR.

The house was kept in its original design and serves as the tasting area and the boutique.

However, an extension to the east leads into the wine operation part and the caves that are dug right underneath the old house.

And what an impressive operation it is.

The logo is a depiction of grape vine roots and the sun, reflecting the winery's philosophy of matching the right grape to the right soil and sun.

This philosophy translates in IXSIR's grapes growing in five different regions in Lebanon varying in soil, height and temperatures; including an area that is 1,700 m above sea level - one of the highest altitudes in the world.

This allows it to produce true blends including its Altitudes Red 2009 that mixes Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Caladoc and Tempranillo in one amazing dark wine.

The quality of the production is apparent in the taste as well as the attention to details throughout the production.

The building was named by CNN as one of the 12 greenest buildings in the world in 2011.

All areas of operations are naturally cooled and the oak barrels are used for two wines.
Sustainable operations, historical building, quality wines and a charming location make a trip to IXSIR winery a must on your visit to Lebanon.

Now if only I can buy it in Vancouver.

P.S. IXSIR has an agent in Quebec who can arrange delivery to SAQ locations.

Any Quebec readers want to be my personal IXSIR buyer in return for two free bottles? Email me.

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