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Sunday, 27 October 2013


Every day at around 1:30, lunch is served.

Dad pops open the wine, mom sets the table and I do nothing but sit and enjoy what is being served.

Here's a sampling of my Lebanese lunches.

Those are wide white beans (not broad beans). 

They are fresh, not dried. They are boiled, cooled then mixed with lemon juice, olive oil and salt.

Delicious lunch with pita and olives.

Those are wheat kernels.

They are the Lebanese version of pearl wheat.

My mother soaks them, boils them until cooked, then turns them into Hrisseh (Click HERE for recipe).

Hrisseh is a hybrid between soup and stew.

It is mainly the cooked wheat cooked further with cooked chicken, peppers and nutmeg.

This one is eaten with grilled pita.

Kafta is baked meat that is then layered with potato slices and baked further in tomato sauce.

Mom's version is stove-cooked, with potato chunks on top and cooked slowly in tomato sauce.

Served as a stew with rice and pita bread (triple carbs).

And finally, my plate after lunch and some food play; here lining up pistachio shells...

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