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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Wacky Catsess Food Blogging

I am catsess (princess in mew language). I kicked away human highness and took over blogging one Wacky Thursday last month (Read Wacky Catsess Reporting).

A month later, I return, impressing thou loyal readers with a diary of my food.

My esteemed rescuer, VOKRA, says thou shall eat Wellness wet food and only that. Catsess does not like to be ordered. Catsess likes food.

After eating trial and tribulations, Catsess ascertained no more Wellness paté. 

Catsess allowed Wellness minced canned food on one condition - mix up the flavours; Catsess wants them all.

Catsess likes toys, lots of toys to go with lots of food.

And Catsess is very smart one and plans her battles like Napoleon was never able to. 

Observe how accurately I lined up my toys one night. Humans thought a high spirit, maybe not a friendly one, occupied me. They even invited priests to bless the house.

But no, this was a simple maneuver that got me privileges to (I) eat on a table like a Catsess should and (II) get my own iPhone.

iPhone came in handy to order my treats online. But this was a battle, Catsess admits, that was lost.  

Catsess negotiation skills, though, reached a perfect treaty - if you want me to take my vitamins and supplements every morning, you mix them with treats. I love my morning snack!


Catsess also likes the sound of the word "outside".

Catsess prefers to eat "outside" the dish of food (maybe if I am served food on China worth my highness I will shed this habit).

But what Catsess prefers the most is eating "outside" food "outside".

My paws hurt from the blogging. Time to put human to work and take back my preferred supervisor status. 

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