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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Making Chocolates

I had the pleasure today of learning how to make chocolate from the master of chocolate; Greg Hook of Chocolate Arts.

So what did I learn in four fun-filled chocolate making hours?
I learnt how to fill up chocolate cups with cassis chocolate ganache or sweetened peanuts.

Then cover them with chocolate and have fun decorating them.

The orange rinds dipped with chocolate were easy to make, but learnt a lot about how quickly chocolate thickens and how that speed of thickening varies between dark and milk chocolate.

At the end of the four hours, we made over a dozen types of chocolates and walked out with close to 200 chocolates making the course value incredible.

The most fascinating were the truffles. We had the options of rolling them in sugar, chocolate or nuts.

But let's not underestimate all the other tricks of making chocolates of different shapes, flavours and textures. 

Highly recommend the courses.

And as a bonus, we decorated our own chocolate Christmas tree.

A lovely course, a great learning experience and all with the best quality of chocolate in the city from Chocolate Arts.

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