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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My Dear Lovely Neighbour Goes Thai

"I will pick up dinner from Richmond so you come over", says My Dear Lovely Neighbour. Whoever sees this beautifully served spread will never think this is a pick up dinner.

The theme was Thai kicking off with Tom Yum Gai Thai Chicken soup - that on its own would have made a stomach warming lovely dinner.

But no. There were endless other options. The green beans were healthy, spicy and tasty.

And the chicken had chili peppers the size of a green bean (which I put a full one in my mouth by fluke - the warmth).

 A rice dish wrapped up the meal and the table seems to have not been touched despite multiple servings.

"You have to come back tomorrow for leftovers", says My Dear Lovely Neighbour (so tune back tomorrow for the leftovers meal).

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