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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Wacky Hat Shopping in...Regina

Rumour Handcraft Inc. at Regina Airport is back (Read My Favourite Shopping on Wacky Thursday). But this Wacky Thursday shopping trip to Regina is all about Hats!

Yes, some of the fanciest, hand made hats to be found in the country are definitely not in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, but in Regina. They are all handcrafted and all made by local Saskatchewan artists.

Where to start shopping for hats is the question. A hat for every occasion. This one is perfect for a wedding, a funeral or a divorce court date.

While this one has incredible details that a woman can turn heads in it wherever she was.

But you don't need an occasion to wear those lovely hats, specially to keep your head and ears warm in Saskatchewan and non-Saskatchewan winters.

Guys, don't despair, there is a beautiful selection of men's hats too.

With hats under $100 each, it will be cheaper for you to fly to Regina to buy better quality hats than head down to Yaletown.

Hats, hats, hats... Rumour Handcraft Inc. at Regina airport never ceases to surprise me.

Anyone fancying a hat, just contact Rumours at and the lovely owner will ship them to you anywhere in Canada at no charge.

Rumour Handcraft Inc.
#15- 5201 Regina Avenue (Inside the airport before security)
Regina, SK