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Monday, 16 December 2013

Artsy Christmas at Rumour

Christmas is warmly felt at my favourite Regina stop - Rumour Handcraft Inc. (Read Rumour Has It, Wacky Hat Shopping).

With two trips to Regina in December, Rumour Handcraft Inc. was a perfect one stop Christmas gift shopping.

Beyond the lovely hats, scarfs, slippers, books, gifts, jams, teas...., this Christmas Rumour Handcraft Inc. is packed with those lovely small sized Christmas paintings popping up everywhere in the store.

The artist - Jason Hipfner of Regina. 

Jason, those paintings are a perfect Christmas cheer, bringing a smile to anyone that looks at them.

I so wanted to buy them all. But I thought I will leave some for readers going through Regina this Christmas.

And if you are not going through Regina, I am sure the lovely owner will ship you some of those beautiful pieces or anything else you heart desires (free shipping in Canada).

Email her at Otherwise, stroll down and enjoy Jason Hipfner Christmas spirit. 

And if you are not into Christmas, you can always try to warm yourself with my favourite item at Rumour Handcraft Inc.; Sonia Pillipow' s hand woven slippers.

Rumour Handcraft Inc.
#15- 5201 Regina Avenue (Inside the airport before security)
Regina, SK

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