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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Festive somerville kitchen Cookbook Club

somerville kitchen hosted this month's cookbook club, featuring another Saskatchewan cookbook.

Breast Wishes for Christmas by Breast Friends  is a festive book. As I understand it, Breast Friends started with ten Saskatchewan women putting a cookbook together of their family and friends' recipes to raise money for breast cancer.

Today, the group is close to a dozen and they are on their sixth book, raising millions of dollars for breast cancer across Canada.

The recipe I chose for the occasion was an eggnog cake. 

But this cake does not have eggnog. All it is is a golden yellow cake mix cake, but with ground ginger and ground nutmeg added to the mix.

It is then covered with sweetened whipping cream with a touch of rum.

And we were all ready to indulge in a decadent version of an eggnog cocktail.

The rest of the books featured all had personal stories to them and all dated over 20 years. We love our somerville kitchen cookbook club. Breast Friends, if you are in Vancouver, let me know, would love to invite you to our meeting.

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