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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Wacky Sweet Snacks

Last Thursday was Wacky Savoury Snacks. Today we have Wacky Sweet Snacks. Enjoy and gear up for the Christmas season.

Wacky Chai Snack

Chai imported directly from England, in my favourite mug with a delicious cream coffee cake.

Wacky Meetings Snack

I leave my snacks behind to head to a meeting. What is waiting for me? More sweet snacks.

Wacky Cat Tin

Now this is elegant, isn't it? Filled with almond bars to die for.

Wacky Cheese Cake Snacking

They may not look like what you expect a cheese cake to look like, but this the best cheese cake west of of New York; made with love at sweet-e's.

Wacky Sweet Snack

What's better than a home made granola floating in a sweet chocolate almond milk. This is now becoming my official breakfast favourite.

Sweet Thank You Trafiq Eclaires

No words can describe it well.

Sweeter than any Snack

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