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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Which Time Zone?

The key discussion on new year's eve was which time zone to celebrate new year on?

In past years, Central or Mountain won the race. This year, Pacific was the target.

To keep eyes open, munchies spread out their appearances throughout the evening.

The 8:00 pm (PST) show included lox, beef slices, cheeses and lots of bread - bad idea to keep someone awake with lots of baguettes. 

Warmer, lighter munchies showed up by 9ish.

Good, but the promise of chicken wings did not materialize - how did I miss reading 'vegan' chicken wings on the package?

The Isreali Couscous salad freshened us up and a dose of sugar at 10:30 helped keep the lights on until two minutes after midnight - PST.

New year's resolutions - keep the blog up-to-date and cook simpler fares.

Happy New Year!

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