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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bountiful Tuna Salad

Santa's bag was real heavy this year as it made it to somerville kitchen with three cookbooks (Read Lenten & Impressive Mourad).

Bountiful is another lovely thoughtful Christmas gift with all sorts of surprisingly good recipes using all sorts of produce.

A beautiful read and my book baptism was to try a simple pasta & tuna warm salad.

This was by far the best tuna salad I have ever tasted. While I typically don't cook the same dish twice, I think this recipe will break that rule.

While you'd have to buy the book for the recipe (or invite me for dinner and I will bring the book as a gift), I will share with you the highlights of this dish.

Lots of olive oil. Another Christmas gift of Rosemary and Oregano olive oil was broken open to make this dish. But I am sure any quality olive oil will do the trick.

Another enjoyable part of making this dish is roasting tomatoes. I have not embarked on this before.

Fried tuna with onions, feta cheese and parsley, pasta and an amazing salad was served.

Thank you ya helweh for the lovely thoughtful gift. I promise to make you a full dinner from it soon.

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