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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy Birthday Little One

The sweetest young man turns 1 year today. His proud parents threw him a lovely party. 

Will he remember his first birthday party? He is growing to be a very smart kid, so he may. But if not, everyone else will remember the fun, love and yummy munchies that this party had.

The sweetest moment was seeing the little one in his father's arms trying to blow out his birthday candle. His 1 year old mind was working it out very nicely I thought. You will grow into a bright young man very soon and remember your birthdays very well.

The cake, white with a layer of cream, was tasty. The cup cakes decadent, but the highlight were those rice crispy balls filled with white creamy marshmallows.

Excellent recipe - I want it.

On the other hand, one global traveller informed me that blue M&Ms are the in thing this year.

But most memorable is being part of a loving family celebrating the first year of their little prince.

I am sure one lucky girl is holding on to the other sock and will find her prince in the years to come.

Happy birthday little V and hope you live to be hundred years old.


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