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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Where The Real Housewives Hang Out

Tucked on West 12th, just west of Granville Street is a neat restaurant - Heirloom Vegetarian.

Pleasant, fresh, open layout with comfortable tables makes it a perfect hangout for the real wives of South Granville.

But I ventured in as one of three guys there that day and enjoyed amazing service and a unique take on vegetarianism.

A lot of options catering to every taste. Some are healthier than others, but all vegetarian.

I decided to indulge and order the Heirloom Grilled Cheese Sandwich. 

Probably the most expensive grilled cheese sandwich in the city at $12.95, but probably one of the best tasting grilled cheese sandwiches.

Aged cheddar, grainy Dijon, tomatoes and arugula melting together in the sourdough.

Enjoyed it thoroughly with a fancy mint tea in fancy cup served with a liquid honey shooter.

Heirloom Vegetarian 
1509 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

Heirloom Vegetarian on Urbanspoon

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