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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Wacky Yakhneh

There are a whole series of blog articles on Lebanese Stews  or Yakhneh. Basically, Yakheh is a one vegetable with one kind of meat cooked in a sauce and eaten over rice.

Yakhneh connaisseurs will see the picture above and think I am making a Yakhneh Loubieh (Green Beans) and Yakhneh Bamieh (Okra).

When you see the meat, those Yakhneh connaisseurs will guess that the lamb will go with the Okra and the chicken with the green beans.

But it is Wacky Thursday. So let's mix things up. Why not mix the vegetables and have a chicken tomato stew with a melange of okra and green beans.

And a lemony meat stew with the same vegetables melange.

Time for a taste test. 

The green beans with the lemon sauce and lamb worked okay, but definitely lemon sauce belongs to Okra.

On the other hand, the tomato and chicken worked exceptionally well with the melange and made for a fancy wacky rich Yakhneh.

Wonder what happens if I keep the vegetable solo and mix the meats next time? Or the sauces??

For full recipes of all stews, click on Lebanese Stews Recipes.

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