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Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Catsess Day - Afternoons

Dear Readers. Catsess took over Wacky Thursdays for the next month to tell us about her day. Wacky Thursdays will resume in March.

"It's mid-day, you exhausted me all morning and now I still have to clean myself (and if you are not clear what I am talking about, read A Catsess Day - Mornings)." 

"Why don't you find me something good on jardin TV - where are all the neighbourhood cats? The birds? The bugs? BO-RING."

"I know where you are going now. No way you are taking over my bed for your afternoon nap - catsess has Nexus pass to bed."

 "You are making way too much noise upstairs, I better go up and keep an eye on all from my favourite spot next to the heater. But be real, a plastic bag for me to calm my nerves on?"

"I like that you listen to catsess, but a runner? You know I spend hours on end every afternoon in my warm Bahamas, I need something more relaxing than a bag or a runner."

"At least my VOKRA buddy has some understanding of my needs. She found me the purrfect Bahamas beach bed. Thank you, thank you."

"Okay, now that I slept the afternoon away, the sun is setting and time to be a night monster, but first, where are my vitamins?"

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