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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sensuous Sunday

Nigel likes to show up on Sundays (Read Sunday Night with Nigel). 

Tonight he showed up with a bulging vegetable saying "if a fingernail lightly pressed against the skin fails to leave a wound, then it is unlikely ever to be tender enough to eat".

Oh you are so senuous Nigel.

The squash or marrow is massaged for a couple of hours in a simple oily creation: garlic, mint leaves, olive oil and lemon.

(Aristotle advised Alexander the Great not to let his warriors partake of any mint while on crusade because of the herb’s potent, aphrodisiac effects).

Nigel says; "I don't turn the meat or stir it, however tempting, till the underside has had a chance to colour and crisp; Continueal movement result in 'wet rather than crisp-edged mince"

Who am I to disobey.

The meat is seasoned with dill, parsley, garlic, red chillies, olive oil and lime.

It seems that to provoke bodily lust in both sexes, fresh ground dill seed is taken in a bit of honey  in a glass of wine several hours before the effect is desired.

Thank you for the most sensuous night Nigel.

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