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Monday, 24 February 2014

Snowy Monday

"Where do you think you are going in all this snow" asks catsess.

Obviously nowhere. I am officially snowed in - a perfect way to catch up on the mounting work.

But it is too gloomy to be at my home office desk downstairs. 

Well, I am going to make this day a very special snowed in day.

Start a big fire, move the office upstairs, listen to your cat and get the day going.

A special snowed in day is a perfect opportunity to try a new discovery that everyone around me is talking about - Kicking Horse Coffee.

You've got to respect a company with guts to name its coffee blends Half Ass, Kick Ass and Smart Ass.

Intrigued to find out more, I learned that this is an almost 20-years old company that started in the owners' garage in Invermere, BC. Today, you can buy Kicking Horse Coffee almost all over North America, but the same passion about the coffee made in the garage remains driving the company.

In my younger days, I drank 5 Starbucks cups a day. So even though my readers know me more as a tea lover, I know a thing or two about coffee.

This cup of Kicking Horse Coffee I made was excellent. A flavour that is rich, almost sweet, without the burnt or bitter taste that many coffees have.

Fantastic taste and aroma that a cup of tea gives me, but with a perfect buzz that only coffee can deliver.

Just imagine how exceptional this experience is if I drank a professionally prepared cup at their Invermere Café. Hmmm, an adventure in the making....

After a productive day of Kicking Horse Coffee, jam and bread sandwiches, I was ready for a nice warm meal.

So I ventured out in the snow and managed to cross the street to My Dear Lovely Neighbour's kitchen.

The beautiful aromas of coffee and fireplace continued into my neighbours kitchen with a delicious warm spicy meal of mince, vegetables, fish curry and Indian pancakes.

Great idea Catsess. Thank you.

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