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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Vegan Tailor's Scraps

Many moons ago, my thirteenth article on the blog was about Tailor's Scraps.

Given my no meat lent,  I have to start dreaming up recipes. So here's one for all my vegan friends to make; a vegan version of Tailor's Scraps.

You start with a big pot.

You layer the pot with sliced onions.

Or you can be inventive and use leeks instead.

You then add layers of vegetables with the hardiest at the bottom.

This is what I used.

You top it all with sliced tomatoes, salt and pepper.

Turn on the heat to low and leave it to cook, on low heat, for about two hours.

And it is ready to eat.

And you throw away the leftovers scraps! Enjoy.

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