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Friday, 7 March 2014

How Many Nubas Can A City Has

There are only two articles on Nuba on somerville kitchen (Read How Authentic is Nuba and Begin the Year Raw), even though I seem to end up there for one lunch or another every three months.

I usually visit Nuba's Mount Pleasant location which I find the hippest, but also the busiest.

Today I tried their newest location in Kitsilano. A Greek restaurant turned Lebanese and I have to admit it is the most Lebanese-feeling Nuba location. 

It is also the largest, most open and comfortable location (and I have visited them all).

Lunch was Le Petit Feast - a humus, baba ghanouj and tabouleh - all authentic tasting.

I also love Nuba's juices - I usually order whatever juice concoction they have.

But today I noticed on their drinks' menu Sharab El Ward which is rose drink made with rose syrup that I simply love.

This was, though, a bit of disappointment given they mixed in lemon or lime that made it closer to a rose lemonade than the authentic perfumy rosy drink I know from Lebanon. Guess I know what I am bringing back with me the next trip.

Nuba Kitsilano
3116 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Nuba on Urbanspoon

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