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Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Plane-Road Trip - The Dinner

Wow, you land and you forget all your tensions with such views. 

And those views follow you for an hour and a half drive to Invermere, a town in the Rockies with less than 4000 inhabitants but lots to see.

Hanging out at Elements, an exceptional bottle of 2008 Nichol Syrah and views all around sure gets your appetite going.

A house salad of greens was a perfect start of the meal.

Fresh, tasty, perfect dressing and a portion three times the size of starter salads in Vancouver was thoroughly enjoyed.

As  for dinner, and highly recommended by previous guests and our lovely waitress, was the steak platter. Yes, it is lent, but I am almost in Alberta with not many lent-friendly menu items. This was a good plate and a good dinner. Good night.

Elements Grill
760 Cooper Road
Inveremere, BC

Elements Grill on Urbanspoon

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