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Monday, 14 April 2014

A Plane-Road Trip - The Kicking Ass Coffee

After trying Kicking Horse Coffee two months ago (Read Snowy Monday), I wrote "Just imagine how exceptional this experience is if I drank a professionally prepared cup at their Invermere Café. Hmmm, an adventure in the making....". 

And here I am, standing right in front of the Kicking Horse Café in Invermere, excited about trying this amazing coffee made properly right next to where the coffee is roasted and packed - the ultimate freshness.

A unique offer at the café was a Canadiano. 

A no brainer, that is what I am going to try.

Perfect brew, dark, flavourful and strong as our ancestors populating the Rockies.

But as a coffee rookie, the Canadiano took me on a trip of excitement, happiness and mind-sharpness that lasted almost the full day.

It was all worth it. And I am so glad I can now buy Kicking Horse Coffee in almost all Lower Mainland stores (it is cheapest at No Frills and goes on sale regularly at London Drugs).

And the options are endless where you can choose your blend by what's in it, or how appealing the blend name is to you (I am a Half Ass kind of guy, but Kick Ass will impress any hard core coffee drinker anywhere).

At the end of the day I am not sure which was the highlight of the trip, the Kicking Horse Coffee or the scenery - both are exceptional experiences.

Kicking Horse Café
491 Arrow Road
Invermere, BC

Kicking Horse Café on Urbanspoon 



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