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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Cooking & Blogging For Dinner Party YVR

(Start by reading yesterday's article HERE)

My #dinnerpartyYVR apron (Thank you Cressey) went on at 8 am today and the operation #dinnerpartyYVR kicked off.

After a hand written schedule was prepared, I moved to organizing ingredients, cleaning and preparing the place and ensuring enough booze for all. 

The green menu for tonight includes chard, dandelions, green oregano, dried oregano, and grapevine leaves from the jardin.

Dessert remains a surprise to you and my guests.

Now I await my The World In A Garden right hand for the dinner to arrive and the final touches will take place. All excited about tonight except for grumpy catsess.

Tune back tomorrow to see the meal.

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